8 ways to increase your chances of buying a limited supply item online.

Out of stock? No Problem. A guide to copping an Akua T-Shirt and everything else.

We've received thousands of DM's online and listed feedback at the shop lately about our online store going out of stock so quickly.  We're constantly continuing to improve our inventory stockings on a regular basis.  In addition, we've invested in technology to help improve the communication with the community on our website.

As we plan out future releases here are ways you can stay ahead of the curve and secure a pair on a future drop. Here are the top 8 ways to increase your chances of buying a limited supply item online.

1. Subscribe to the newsletter

By subscribing to our email list you can stay ahead of 20% of Farmers Market Hawaii. We'll notify you about twice a week about drops on our Hawaii and Las Vegas Stores.  In addition, we'll notify you about recently online store releases and stock updates.

How to subscribe to the newsletter:

1. Fill out your email during the spin-a-sale form, or at the bottom of the website that says 'Enter your emaill'

2. Check your emails frequently

Speed rating: ⚡⚡

How to subscribe to email list farmers market hawaii

 How to join Farmers Market Hawaii email list

2. Subscribe for push notifications 

Why it works: It's probably popped up before, and we highly suggest subscribing to our push owl notifications.  We notify you before and during our drops.  

How to subscribe to push notifications:

1. Click the Allow buttons as it pops up.

2. Turn on notifications on your phone for farmersmarkethawaii.com

3. Sit back and watch

Speed rating: ⚡⚡⚡⚡


3. Subscribe for Facebook messenger notifications

How to subscribe to the Facebook Messenger List:

You may opt-in to our facebook messenger on every product page on the website.  Or Opt-in during the Spinning Application that you've most likely seen before.  If you've already filled out your email, you may also subscribe to our facebook messenger list.

Why it works: Facebook messenger skips the need for email.  And we'll directly DM you when your product is back in stock or new items are released.

Speed rating: ⚡⚡⚡⚡



4. Level up your VIP status in the Farmers Market Hawaii Rewards program

How to join the VIP program and level up:

Simply subscribe to our loyalty program by creating an account.  After spending a certain amount to obtain Silver or Gold Status, you'll be automatically invited to join a private email list & a closed Facebook group.  Here you'll be able to have insider access on what our product team will be released before everyone else.

For the complete guide click the link below:   

🔗 https://farmersmarkethawaii.com/pages/farmers-rewards


5. Click 'Notify me when Available' on the Product Pages (Out of stock)

By Clicking the button and the product size - we'll immediately send you updates on specific products that are back in stock.  

Speed rating: ⚡⚡⚡⚡

Out of stock Farmers Market Hawaii 

Out of stock Farmers Market Hawaii

 6. Add Item to Wishlist on the Product Pages (In Stock)

We recommend adding products to your wishlist.  By adding items to your list you'll receive a personalized email regarding changes to the stock count.  

Speed rating: ⚡⚡⚡⚡


7. Follow us on Instagram + Facebook

We post regularly and direct link on our Instagram page when we release new products.  To stay ahead make sure to follow us on all social media channels (Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter).  

Speed rating: ⚡⚡⚡⚡

 Follow Farmers on Instagram

8. Join a Private Facebook Forum 

We've discussed this in past articles, the pineapple clan is highly active across Facebook forums.  Many people are always up to date with our inventory and can notify you when upcoming drops are incoming online/ and at our Hawaii and Vegas locations.  Here's a link to the full article about forums.


Speed rating: ⚡⚡

Are we missing any method? Let us know in the comment section below  💬




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