The Story of Keoni "Painkillers" Payton

The Story of Keoni "Painkillers" Payton

Behind Farmers Market Hawaii is Brainchild Keoni “Painklllers” Payton. From prison to the screen printing press, Keoni is living proof of the ultimate rags to riches tale. What he once learned from hustling drugs, he now applies to selling tees. "Same hustle, different product. I just kept it going even harder, and let the world know what's up." Who knew a kid from the streets could create a reputable clothing brand that international artists and musicians would one day wear on national television?

Farmers Market Hawaii - Unreleased HI from ILOVEPAINKILLERS on Vimeo.

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  • MaiLy

    Cool…stoked to know the story behind the stickers on cars and the tiki logo…blowing up all over!! Y’all stoked my boy at Kapolei skate park. He was decked out with black hat and red Market t-shirt ..back design sick!!. I loved it! He shared a t shirt with a friend at Pearl City Sk8 park too.
    Mahalo for the good vibes, keeping aloha thriving! And for bringing street art from the islands..killahs.skilling it!

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